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Fortnightly Magazine - June 2019
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Shaking off the morning chill though April it was, two days in Boston, touring the infrastructure and offices of Eversource, squeezing in stops at Fenway and Faneuil Hall. The utility for much of New England claims first place among the nation's investor-owned companies in credit rating, energy efficiency and offshore wind and has championship aspirations to match the local sports franchises. In a whirlwind we were shuttled from interview to interview, all reproduced here for your tasting, as delicious as a fresh lobster roll for us utility regulation and policy wonks.

Make sure you see the photos of the truly remarkable Seafood Way substation built fifteen feet above the ground, to accommodate booming south Boston and withstand flooding. Have you ever walked below a substation as we did that day?

And check out too the photos of the energy efficiency improvements at Fenway Park. I did insist on seeing up close the LED lighting installed in the batting cage adjacent to the Red Sox locker room and dugout. All in the line of duty.

Visiting Eversource Conversations and tours: