Fortnightly Magazine - September 2020

Fortnightly Smartest Utility Projects 2020 Nominations

Smartest Projects

Earlier this summer, Public Utilities Fortnightly announced a special feature and competition. We asked for nominations from around the country, throughout our industry, for the smartest utility projects. Here we acknowledge nominations for the Fortnightly Smartest Utility Projects 2020.

All the projects are meaningful and important to the industry. They show the inventiveness and ingenuity of great minds at work. In the end, these projects show how technology and great planning are moving us forward. Kudos to all.

M&A Amid Masks


It’s no surprise that folks hit the pause button on M&A as they looked to shore up balance sheets and liquidity needs and scenario plan around an unknown like COVID-19.”

Gas Ban as Confiscation of Property

Reconsider Compensation Policy

The gas utility investor is put in a different position with electrification than under all prior stranded cost experience where the enterprise continues in business.