Fortnightly Magazine - June 8 2021

EEI: A Conversation Celebrating Earth Day

Global Electrification Forum

The Prince of Wales discusses his Sustainable Markets Initiative launched last year at Davos, with the goal of engaging the private sector to take the lead in accelerating the transition to a sustainable future. Next, he announced the Terra Carta, a living, breathing document, forming the foundation of a sustainable future.

EEI: Leadership in Uncertain Times

Global Electrification Forum

Panelists shared perspectives on risk management under uncertainty, and how leaders can turn inflection points and disruptions into opportunities while moving through a transformational decade.

PUF Annual Pulse of Power Survey


Experts assess how you answered eight questions. Strategies developed in response to the pandemic portend a new way of working moving forward.

Rising Stars in Portland: Quintin Gaddis

Portland General Electric

“When I thought about a power plant, I thought about an aircraft engine turned upside down, essentially. I was part of building our substation for one of the plants. I thought, wow, once this is over, I’m going to utilities.”

Rising Stars in Portland: Kellie Cloud

Portland General Electric

“We’re making sure as we plan the grid, as we define our design criteria for our generating facilities, that we understand our community’s needs, and our changing environment.”