Fortnightly Magazine - June 8 2021

Fourteen Months and Net Zero

What’s Changed About Changing?

Virtually every investor-owned utility has committed to cutting its carbon dioxide emissions since the start of the pandemic 14 months ago.

Transforming Utilities and Customers


Utilities and customers are increasingly collaborating to accelerate decarbonization. Exelon Utilities CEO Calvin Butler and Howard County Executive Calvin Ball discussed their collaboration with the PUF team. As did Portland General Electric CEO Maria Pope, Oregon Health & Science University chief administrative officer Connie Seely and Praxair Linde director of energy & USIG integration Christian Lenci.

Lightning Round on Power's Future


A baker’s dozen of Guidehouse’s experts hit their buzzers and answer our questions: Hector Artze, Mike Bianco, Dan Bradley, Margot Everett, Derek Jones, Michelle Fay, Dan Hahn, Robyn Link, Chris Luras, Danielle Vitoff, Ted Walker, Karen Wilson and David Workman.

EEI: Evolving Business and Regulatory Models

Global Electrification Forum

Panelists address these questions: Given the changing regulatory and policy landscape, how will these companies of the future operate? How are regulatory models and markets evolving to incorporate new technologies and objectives into the energy system?