Fortnightly Magazine - June 2021

CAMPUT 2021: Welcome

Canadian Regulators

“The relationship the CAMPUT community has with NARUC is a very valued one. It does help us to promote regulatory excellence by having a dialogue with so many people.”

CAMPUT 2021: Behind the Meter

Canadian Regulators

“A proactive approach is required. The issues facing us are directly related to costs. In Alberta, we have a cost to grid. You hear about that a lot from consumers.”

CAMPUT 2021: Looking Around The Corners

Canadian Regulators

As the transition evolves to a decarbonized economy, what do regulators see coming? What are the key policy drivers? How are regulators engaging with policy? How are regulators innovating?

USEA: David Turk

DOE Deputy Secretary

“Whether it’s governments or companies, investors are coalescing around net zero carbon commitments, and net zero greenhouse gas commitments.”

USEA: Ellen Nowak

NARUC International Committee chair

“I was asked to speak about how we are partnering at NARUC with USEA. I’m also going to talk a little about the gender initiatives that NARUC has undertaken in the last few years.”

USEA: Charles Patton

American Electric Power

“In speaking to AEP’s commitment to a clean future, in 2020, we were at a seventy-four percent reduction in carbon emissions when compared to 2000, and our own target is to be at eighty percent below that number by 2030.”