Fortnightly Magazine - June 2021

Under Forty: Brandon Pixley

CPS Energy

“Relationship building is where I have found the most success in my career. If I could offer any security executive advice, it would be don’t just step in and say no. Understand first.”

Under Forty: Stephanie Crawford


“I’ve been asked to advocate on distributed energy resources. I’m spending time doing research and outreach to members to make sure I’m fully covering those issues.”

Under Forty: Kristjana Kellgren

Alberta Utilities Commission

“We’re challenging ourselves and participants in our proceedings, to approach the discharge of our mandate to set just and reasonable rates in a more efficient way, without sacrificing quality and ensuring customers are protected.”

Under Forty: Flavia Lenzi

ENGIE Italia

“Sustainability eight to ten years ago was a matter of only energy players in the market. It was our main domain, and our challenge. Now every brand, and every company deals with sustainability.”

Under Forty: Patrick Wruck

British Columbia UC

“I find rewarding taking an angry agitated person around to a point where he or she understands what we’re here to do, why we’re doing it, and why we made the decision we made.”

Under Forty: Muge Ozerten

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

“I’m focusing on increasing the awareness of parents, and of early career colleagues in our company. I am also collaborating with my university, to reach out to female engineers.”

Under Forty: Aki Marceau

Hawaiian Electric

“We want to ensure we’re putting chargers in a place that reduces range anxiety. We want to reduce charging queuing times too. That’s a new problem.”

Eversource Exploring Geothermal


“We thought about ourselves as a provider of thermal energy. If we thought about the power of geothermal from a utility scale, we could see real potential value.”

NARUC's Asia Gas Partnership From 9,000 Miles Away

Best Practices in Gas Regulation

The Asia Gas Partnership is a joint initiative with NARUC and USEA designed to strengthen regulatory frameworks to encourage public-private partnerships involving government and industry representatives among natural gas sectors in U.S. and Indo-Pacific countries.