Fortnightly Magazine - June 2021

Virginia SCC: Commissioner Angela Navarro


“We do complement each other. Judge Jagdmann has the experience and depth of knowledge. Judge Hudson coming from FERC, has that federal experience. My experience is more on the public policy side.”

Virginia SCC: Sam Nixon

Chief Admin. Officer

“In Virginia, the SCC is not just a utility Commission. It’s also the banking Commission and the insurance Commission. We also oversee railroad safety, gas pipeline safety, and security brokers.”

Virginia SCC: Alex Skirpan

Chief Hearing Examiner

“The Commission exercises both legislative and judicial power. Most utility matters, like setting rates, are legislative cases. Judicial cases usually involve fines or someone showing why they should not have a license taken away.”

Virginia SCC: Railray, Pipeline, Damage Prevention


“It’s first and foremost keeping the citizens of the Commonwealth safe. Third-party damage being the leading cause, we want to put every effort we can into reducing damages, which we’ve done. We’ve hit our lowest damage ratio since we started the program.”