Fortnightly Magazine - March 2022

State of the Energy Industry


Excerpts from the remarks of EEI President Tom Kuhn, EPRI CEO Arshad Mansoor, Nuclear Energy Institute CEO Maria Korsnick, NRECA CEO Jim Matheson, APPA CEO Joy Ditto, and AGA CEO Karen Harbert.

Canada: State of the Energy Industry

Energy Council of Canada

Excerpts from the remarks of Canadian Electricity Association CEO Francis Bradley, Canadian Gas Association CEO Tim Egan, and Canadian Nuclear Association CEO John Gorman.

Decarbonizing Southeast Europe's Power Sector

The Challenging Path

“Over the years, USEA has built tools and data to assess the market and network in this region that are state-of-the-art and ensure that we can reliably anticipate the impacts of alternative future conditions.”

Connecticut Legislators 'Staring into the Storm'

Connecticut legislators forum

“Chair Marissa Gillett reported that the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has been working closely with utilities and stakeholders to create options regarding how utilities construct a reliability and resilience portfolio.”

Dentons Fireside Chat: Duane Highley

Tri-State G&T

“We just announced a second of two rate decreases. We’re having rate decreases, and that’s a rare thing in the industry these days, to be able to announce an energy transformation of this magnitude, while reducing costs.”

Dentons Fireside Chat: Rudy Garza

CPS Energy

“We’ve cut over $900 million of costs out of our business over the last eight years to be able to go that long without a rate conversation. We had to come forward.”

Dentons Fireside Chat: Lawrence Jones

Edison Electric Institute

“I don’t talk about transportation electrification. I talk about electrification of mobility. Because it’s not just cars. It’s airplanes, it’s scooters. In Norway, you have ships being electrified.”

Undergrounding and ESG


“How can investments in resiliency improve a utility’s ESG score, and potentially, how could undergrounding current overhead T&D lines improve ESG?”