Fortnightly Magazine - March 2022


The Sustainable Resilient Affordable Debates

The essence of PUF is providing platforms for you to say your piece in the great energy debates of our day.

Considering Cybersecurity

NARUC's Winter Policy Summit

NARUC's 2022 Winter Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. had something for everyone, held during the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day, making regulation feel a bit more, well, fun. The business of regulation in the public interest was of course serious as usual, but there were footballs and hearts to be found.

The PUF team was there, and in these pages celebrates NARUC and some one thousand four hundred attendees, over ninety percent of whom were there in person. The Winter Summit had lots going on, with jam-packed sessions, and pandemic-weary people glad to see each other.

PUF's Future of Utility Regulation Luncheon

NARUC's Winter Policy Summit

Southern Company’s Jim Kerr (former NARUC President), PG&E’s Robert Kenney (former NARUC Electricity Committee Chair), FERC’s Elin Katz (former NASUCA President), and PUF’s Paul Kjellander (former NARUC President) on the panel, and a great and well-fed audience of regulators and others, plus the love regulation cupcakes.

Pentagon's Man on Energy

Office of the Secretary of Defense

A conversation with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment and Energy Resilience, Richard Kidd, about how the Department of Defense and the military services are working with our industry to achieve mutual goals.