Forced consolidation of RTOs would set transmission owners free to go after profits.


Bullish for Business



Decommissioning Funds: Snagged on Tax Law?

How outdated rules could deny tax deductions to nuclear plant owners.

1 1999 TNT 204-24 PECO Energy's Testimony at Finance Hearing on Tax Issues of Electric Power Industry. (Hereinafter, "PECO Energy Testimony.")

2 Treas. Reg. 1.468A (c)(2). For a more detailed explanation, see Nuclear Energy Institute Policy Briefs, "Why Tax Treatment of Decommissioning Trust Funds Must Be Updated to Reflect New Business Conditions,"

Tracking Stock for Utilities: Highway to Higher Valuations?

Telecoms may offer IOUs a model for multiplying market caps by dividing their shareholdings.

April 1, 2000