Imperial Irrigation District

Abengoa to Upgrade a Transmission Line in California

Imperial Irrigation District (IID) chose Abengoa for a power transmission project that includes the upgrade of a 230kV transmission line, as well as substations in the state of California. The “Path 42” project is part of a plan to extend the power network being developed by Imperial Irrigation District in order to increase the capacity of the network and enable access to new sources of renewable energy in California.

Green Gridworks

Case studies on integrating renewable resources.

Where wind integration has been most successful, state authorities developed and adopted basic transmission planning and cost allocation principles before FERC issued Order 1000. Experiences in Texas, California, and Hawaii demonstrate what it takes to overcome permitting and cost allocation barriers—namely, a coherent policy framework and close coordination among stakeholders.

Greening the Grid

Can markets co-exist with renewable mandates?

Part way through the Feb. 27 conference on electric competition, it was so quiet you could hear a hockey puck slide across the ice. No, hell had not frozen over. Rather, it was Commissioner Marc Spitzer, who had found a clever story to ease the tension and allay fears that FERC somehow might want to undo the sins of the past, and give up its dream of workable markets for wholesale power.

The Talent Bubble

As Baby Boomers near retirement age, utilities face the challenge of preparing the next generation of leaders.

As Baby Boomers near retirement age, utilities face the challenge of preparing the next generation of leaders.

Human resources managers at many utilities are sounding alarm bells about an impending shortage of skilled personnel-even amid flat industry growth and high unemployment rates.

Fashionably Retro

Why rate base is back in style.

It's no surprise that traditional utilities are now fashionable with Wall Street. With merchant generation and energy trading gone bust, bankers, analysts, and fund managers at the 37th Edison Electric Institute Financial Conference, held last month in Palm Springs, Calif., were falling over themselves to find those regulated gems overlooked during the energy merchant boom years.