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Low-Tech vs. High-Tech AMP: The 21st Century IT Debate

Some want to cut costs, others to improve service.


Some want to cut costs, others to improve service.

Uncertain economic times have always moved companies to find ways to cut costs. Utilities and energy companies are no different. They have turned to automated meter reading (AMR) during the past years in increasing numbers.

But many technology experts disagree on strategy: should utilities go high-tech or low-tech on AMR?

Managing the Telecom Value Curve

There are opportunities for utilities despite the telecom market correction of 2001 and 2002.

The risks for utilities entering telecommuni­cations are real and ever present, especially with the recent 2001 and 2002 telecommunications market correction. But some utilities have found success in the telecom space by taking an incremental approach to manage risks and climb the telecom value curve.

Online Trading Hubs: Interviews With CEOs

Is the value in commodities, or in managing the supply chain?

1. The original consortium of 15 energy companies, announced March 29, 2000, included American Electric Power, Cinergy, consolidated Edison Inc., Duke Enbergy, Edison International, Entergy, Exelon, firstEnergy Corp., FPL Group, PG&E Corp., Public Service Enterprise Group, Reliant Energy, Sempra Energy, Southern Company, and TXU.