PUF 2.0 - October 15, 2017

NYPA: Gil Quiniones

CEO, New York Power Authority

Like half time in a football game, this is the natural time to refresh NYPA’s 2020 strategic plan.

NYPA: Robert Lurie

CFO & Chief Strategy Officer

In five years, NYPA will be different in some very tangible ways, and then some less tangible ways.

NYPA: Emilie Bolduc

VP, New York Energy Manager

Rather than just having a bill and seeing your data, now you can see your data and do something about it.

Surprises Within DOE Report

Facts Do Matter

The blow-up over DOE Secretary Perry's memo requesting the grid study about reliability and resilience was unsurprising, if you consider that it was the first and almost the only statement about federal electricity policy in the first six months of a new administration.1

Why a Generating Unit May Be Worth Less (or More) Than You Think

Dynamics of LMP Pricing

As renewables are increasingly added to the grid, market participants are finding that energy revenues from both new and existing generators may vary significantly from their expectations. As policymakers consider subsidies for other types of generation such as nuclear or other baseload units and corporations invest in grid scale renewables, understanding price formation becomes increasingly important.