Fortnightly Magazine - October 2017

Representing Natural Gas

Infrastructure is NGSA’s top issue

If states want to generate cleaner power more efficiently, what are they going to do? Natural gas is just a clear solution to any sort of environmental issue they might have.

The Solar Siesta

EPRI Podcast: Impact of the Eclipse

Leading up to the eclipse, utilities and system operators were hard at work, keeping the lights on.

Puerto Rico Debt and Title III

The Transformation of Puerto Rico’s Electrical System

In transforming the Puerto Rico electrical system, the goal should be to achieve a system that is reliable, with affordable and sustainable costs.

Joint Load Research and Analytics Conference

Data Analytics Change Utilities

The Association of Edison Illuminating Companies and the Western Load Research Association held their third joint Load Research and Analytics Conference in Nashville, July 23-26, 2017.

The collaborative meeting created by these two premier load research groups presented an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other industry professionals and share load research and analytics concepts and techniques.

Picture Energy: Summer Conference of AESP

August 29 - 31, Toronto

The Association of Energy Services Professionals' Summer Conference, held this year north of the border, was entitled: 'Times They Are EE-Changin.' Paraphrasing Bob Dylan. The host was Alectra Utilities, which serves municipalities north and west of Toronto.