Voices for Electrifying and Efficiency


Five senior leaders, one critical message

PUF 2.0 - November 15, 2017

The two E's. Electrifying. Efficiency. Each is compelling.

But when the two E's are paired together, they're much more so. Listen to these five senior leaders. Our interviews with them follow. You'll hear this critical message about Efficient Electrification.

Four of the five are serving on EPRI's board of directors. We interviewed Sheryl Carter, co-director of energy programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council; Pedro Pizarro, CEO, Edison International; Mark Bonsall, CEO, Salt River Project; and Bill Spence, CEO, PPL Corp. While the fifth isn't on EPRI's board, Tom Fanning, CEO, Southern Co., is a tireless eloquent advocate for the two E's.