Fortnightly Magazine - June 2019

Spirit of 76

76 Under Forties from 44 Utilities, Commissions, Etc.

It was exciting for me to wonder what additional great accomplishments lay before them in their careers. It's enough to make me feel young too.

Visiting Eversource

Unique Conversations

Shaking off the morning chill though April it was, two days in Boston, touring the infrastructure and offices of Eversource, squeezing in stops at Fenway and Faneuil Hall. The utility for much of New England claims first place among the nation's investor-owned companies in credit rating, energy efficiency and offshore wind and has championship aspirations to match the local sports franchises. In a whirlwind we were shuttled from interview to interview, all reproduced here for your tasting, as delicious as a fresh lobster roll for us utility regulation and policy wonks.

Eversource: Jim Judge, CEO

Visiting Eversource

"Thanks to our high credit rating, we can borrow cheaper than any other utility, which means the customers benefit in terms of lower rates."

Eversource: Energy Efficiency

Visiting Eversource

"What we're trying to do is, rather than give a rebate, influence the channel to only stock the right products so the inefficient product doesn't even come to market."