Fortnightly Magazine - April 2020

Washington State UTC: David Danner


“The Clean Energy Transformation Act. That’s the big issue. How do you ensure reliability and ensure the prices or rates are stable and predictable as we go coal free in 2025, to net carbon neutral in 2030, to a hundred percent carbon neutral in 2045?”

Washington State UTC: Jay Balasbas


“As we think about implementing the clean energy law, how do we at the same time change our ratemaking process to be more forward-looking, as well as give the utilities every chance of success?”

Washington State UTC: Ann Rendahl


“CETA requires that utilities ensure that energy is affordable, reliable, and that they make the transition to one hundred percent clean energy in an equitable manner.”

Washington State UTC: Directors

Regulatory Services and Energy Directors

“CETA is a total change in how we approach utility investment. We still have ratemaking standards to meet, we still have lowest reasonable costs. CETA does have an off-ramp if costs get out of control, in a two percent cost cap.”

Washington State UTC: Law

Administrative Law Director, Judge, Paralegal

“In rulemakings and open meeting items, there’s free conversation among Staff, Commissioners, and Judges. In adjudication, the ex parte wall comes up, and only Policy, Judges, and Commissioners can talk with each other, and the rest of Staff take on an advocacy role.”

Washington State UTC: Engineering

Safety Director and Engineers

“On any one day you could be dealing with a large gas transmission or hazardous liquid company at the interstate level or testifying in front of our state legislature.”