Fortnightly Magazine - April 2020

Lessons Learned from Hawaii

Bold Visions Require New Paradigms

In the same way Hawaii innovated in electricity production and distribution more than a century ago, the state continues to define the future of electrification, this time through renewables.

The Project Management Office

Improving Project Delivery

As a best practice tool for managing programs and projects, a PMO can be used to retain and disseminate institutional knowledge for generations of future utility professionals.

Modernizing Aging Transmission

A Golden Opportunity

Utilities need to consider modernization a golden opportunity to unite officials, consumers, and industry on a quest to reimagine transmission.

Picture Energy: AESP's Annual Meeting

February 17 – 20

The Association of Energy Services Professionals' 30th annual conference and expo was the place to be for our industry’s leaders in demand-side management, integrated DSM, and demand response.