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Transmission Expansion: Risk and Reward in an RTO World

Some thoughts on who should take the lead and how to set up financial incentives.


Some thoughts on who should take the lead and how to set up financial incentives.

One of the most interesting questions that arises from federal restructuring of the electric grid, with regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and a standard market design (SMD), concerns the risk of building transmission in an RTO environment.

Talking with Trans-Elect's Bernie Schroeder

His company, he admits, is all about cherry picking.

We wanted to learn the latest on who’s buying, selling and churning assets in the transmission world. Trans-Elect president and COO Bernie Schroeder did not disappoint.

People (May 1, 2002)

Carol A. Isles is vice president and controller for CMS Energy Corp.'s natural gas pipeline unit, CMS Gas Transmission Co. The California ISO has named a new market surveillance committee. Dennis L. Haider, president of WBI Energy Services Inc., has been named executive vice president of business development and strategic planning for Utility Services Inc. and Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. And others ...

Three-Legged Stool

The smart money now treats transmission as a player. Just like generation. Just like load.

Over at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, new chairman Pat Wood has let it be known if he had been in charge, he would have postponed Order 2000.

The Commission: The Market's Eye-in-the-Sky?

FERC's plan to expand into energy market-monitoring faces many challenges.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is positioning itself to be the preeminent energy market cop. The commission will have many challenges before it becomes successful in policing market abusers.

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Dynegy's David Francis, vice president for western power trading, testified on Dec. 21 on why he thought the ISO was bending the rules:


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