Fortnightly Magazine - February 2022

I ❤ Regulation

It's Timely to Remind Ourselves Why

Unlike unregulated industries, our companies are remarkably oriented to serve the public good.

A Day at the Kansas Corporation Commission

State Commissions

Conversations with Chair Andrew French, Commissioners Susan Duffy and Dwight Keen, Director of Utilities Jeff McClanahan, Director of Conservation Ryan Hoffman, and Director of Transportation Mike Hoeme.

Kansas CC: Chair Andrew French

State Commissions

"The Kansas Commission doesn’t use hearing officers or ALJs. We hold our own hearings. By custom, the Chair of the Commission also presides over hearings and at our business meetings."

Kansas CC: Commissioner Susan Duffy

State Commissions

“The more routine business items come before the Commission twice weekly. The dockets include oil and gas production regulation, all facets of utility regulation, and commercial trucking regulation.”

Kansas CC: Commissioner Dwight Keen

State Commissions

“Through our Conservation Division, the Commission regulates the oil and gas industry. Kansas and Oklahoma are the only two states that regulate utilities and the oil and gas industry through the same agency.”

Kansas CC: Jeff McClanahan

Director of Utilities

“We would love to see the inter-regional transmission issues resolved between SPP and the other regions, so we could export some of this captive, renewable energy we have.”

Kansas CC: Ryan Hoffman

Director of Conservation

“To accomplish efficient recovery, states developed legal concepts like spacing, or how far apart you can drill wells, and production allowables, which is how much oil or gas an operator can produce from a single well. These concepts all tie into the term, conservation.”

Kansas CC: Mike Hoeme

Transportation Director

“We are one of the few states that offers existing and prospective motor carriers the opportunity to attend a free safety seminar to learn about the rules and regulations.”

2022, What's in Store?

COO of Eversource

The COO of Eversource Energy, Werner Schweiger, told us how he and his team see this new year unfolding and what they intend to accomplish, with Guidehouse’s Michelle Fay sharing the questioning with PUF’s Steve Mitnick.