Fortnightly Magazine - February 2022

Supporting the Grand Canyon State's Growth


The President and CEO of Arizona Public Service, Jeff Guldner, and also of Pinnacle West Capital, detailed for us his philosophy, priorities, and progress to date and what he expects over the next year and beyond.

What the PUF Team is Looking Forward to in Charlotte

Electrification 2022

“With seven tracks – Electric Vehicles, Fleet Electrification, Decarbonization, Industrial Electrification, Policy and Regulation, Affordability, Innovation – and multiple breakout sessions on the agenda over two days, there is surely a session for every attendee to enjoy and learn about.”

Building Nuclear in Wyoming

Rocky Mountain Power / TerraPower

Conversation with Rocky Mountain Power CEO Gary Hoogeveen and TerraPower CEO Chris Levesque about the federal government-supported sodium-cooled fast reactor they’re planning to complete in Kemmerer, Wyoming by 2028.

Lewis Latimer's Legacy, and His Museum's Makeover

Commemorating Black History Month

Conversations with former National Urban League President, Hugh Price, whose great grandmother was the sister of Lewis Latimer, one of the foremost founders of the electricity industry, and Lewis Latimer House Museum Executive Director, Ran Yan, about the new campaign to modernize this inspiring learning center.

New Cybersecurity Collective: Qubitekk


“Quantum computers do what would take a classical computer a thousand years. A viable quantum computer will give the ability to unhinge the primitive keys upon which all cryptography is predicated. That’s how we got our foot in the door with utilities is quantum safe security for critical infrastructure.”