Izzbee, Izz it?

The Energy Industry Standards Board doesn't exist yet, but it's got regulators talking.

More than two years ago, I suggested in this column that regional independent system operators would likely supplant the regional reliability councils as the caretakers of electric system reliability. And that's still possible—if the ISOs move quickly to RTO status, and if the RTOs get cracking right away on adopting uniform business rules. But the FERC may get tired waiting for that to happen.

Looking Past California: The Emerging Shape of the Generation Sector

Which states had their plants sold off, which didn't, and which ones now face serious price risk.

1 See "" by Energy Ventures Analysis Inc.

2 See "", published in June 2000 by PJM's Market Monitoring Unit, p. 2. In the year 2000, in five NERC power regions, natural gas represented more than 10 percent of total generation: ERCOT 53.3 percent, SPP 28.4 percent, NPCC (NY/NE) 25.6 percent, Florida (FRCC) 23.8 percent and WSCC 21.8 percent. In PJM only 8.7 percent of generation was gas-fired. Source: Form 759 and 900 data as complied by EVA, Inc.

3 , April 24, 2001, p. A-21.

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