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The Middle Way

A Narrative Addressing the Greatest Challenge of Our Time

Matt Futch and Josh Freed

The electricity sector is currently stuck in a false zero sum mentality between providers, technology companies, and policymakers. In this first article of a series, we explore an alternative narrative based on three core operating principles.

Electricity Market Reform in Japan

Bumpy Road Ahead

Glenn R. George, Hans-Martin Ihle, and Miura Wataru

This is the first in a series of three articles related to power market reform in Japan and its implications both for Japan and globally.

Energy People: Stan Garnett

We talked with Stan Garnett, former senior exec of two utilities, the day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

Stan Garnett, with Steve Mitnick

The Brexit vote neatly frames a rather historic episode in the utility industry worldwide.

Energy People: Jim Rogers

We talked with Jim Rogers, former CEO of Duke Energy.

Jim Rogers, with Steve Mitnick

Duke is now made up of five companies that existed in 1992. There are three difficult tasks in doing a successful combination. One is to negotiate it. The second, maybe the most difficult task, is actually getting the approval at both the state and federal levels. And lastly, the really hard work of combining the companies. It’s getting the cost savings as well as the revenue enhancements associated with the transaction. It is keeping the most talented people.

Public Weighs In on Market Conditions Threatening Nuclear Power Plants

Examining the problem for nuclear power shows value in informing the public.

Ann Stouffer Bisconti

What should be done to create market conditions to prevent the loss of the nation’s only zero-carbon large-scale baseload electricity source?

How the Environmental Movement Changed its Mind on Nuclear Power

The anti-growth, anti-people extremists who started the anti-nuclear movement were wrong.

Michael Shellenberger

If nuclear were subsidized at the same levels as solar and wind, or allowed to contribute to state RPS, nuclear would continue to be highly economical.

Nuclear Debate: Hansen is Wrong about Nuclear Power

Nuclear, a drain on our ability to deal with climate solutions, energy needs.

Russell Lowes and Edward Mainland

Dr. James Hansen, the renowned climate change scientist, has said that nuclear power is essential to combat climate change. We disagree. Nuclear energy is a boondoggle.

No, Edison Wouldn't Recognize Today's Electric Industry

A put down of the industry’s innovation can be put aside

Steve Mitnick

The last year of Edison’s life was vastly different from today. Residential electric consumption is about 140 times greater than 1930.

Nuclear Life Extension

Deciding whether to go forward with a second license renewal.

Lee Williams

A majority of nuclear power plant operators already have received operating license renewals – to operate their plants for 20 years beyond the 40 years outlined in their initial operating licenses. As utilities decide whether or not to invest in license renewal, they must consider three key questions.

Forum for Our Industry's Civil Discourse

Fortnightly’s new chief reflects on his background and our principles.

Steve Mitnick

The public interest is the coin of this realm.